👋 hi, I'm
Danny Friday
  • COVID Tech Task Force • 2020 • work with tech companies, venture capital and NGOs to fight COVID-19
  • Safety Net Fund • 2020 • created $500 grants for Bay Area artists who've lost their jobs
  • Cresta • 2019 • helped build human-assisting AI for salespeople
  • Stigma/misu • 2017 • helped build an iOS app for peer support
  • Dabbin Santa • 2015 • created a game for 2 Chainz
  • The Rap Test • 2014 • created a game for rap nerds

I was born in Tucson, Arizona to parents fortunate enough to move to the United States from Syria.

At 19, I dropped out of my CS degree at the University of Arizona and booked the first Greyhound I could get to the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, it has been a journey and a half.